Pipe Re-lining

Is your sewer pipe is being invaded by tree roots? Divided or broken lines? Do you desire a long-lasting repair option that will spare you time and money while requiring no digging?

Those Pipes Giving You Problems?

Call for a free pipe relining quote with NU Drain to skip the mess.

Pipe Re-lining

Long Term, Affordable, and Eco-friendly

Unlike other companies, we do not need to access your pipes via lawn, landscaping, walls, or floors. None of that will be destroyed. Using our solutions, we go through one access point, clean the pipes, and install a liner in place. The innovative green technologies restore the inner infrastructure of deteriorating or failing pipes. By eliminating the need to destroy lawns and landscaping, we reduce the supply and return of pipes without generating landfill waste and recycling costs.

Once the liner is cured, your pipes are free of corrosion, cracks, clogs, breaks and tree roots won’t make their way back into the pipe.

After the installation, you will notice:

  • Improved flow rate
  • Structurally sound pipes
  • No groundwater contamination
  • No tree root invasion